Friday, September 24, 2010

Monthly Performance Report [September]


Techleechers brings you the updates from the tech world, I'm very glad that my self project has performed upto my expectations.

The early stats for this website suggests that readers likes the updates here and they are even sharing the news around the web to help this site grow. I Thanks each of our readers for their support.

Today, I planned to publish monthly performance report for my readers, so that they can also have a clear vision of how this site is doing, which could help the new comers to judge the quality of content and influence of the site. This report consists of stats since the launch of the website and from the next month onwards, monthly separate report will be published.

To monitor my visitors, I use Google services such as Analytic's and webmaster tools.


As you Can see there is absolutely no visitors from june 22 to july 10, since I was busy setting up my website, tweaking its configuration, trying out different hosting services and all, and before that I pre-dominantly focussed on website's visual appearance such as the theme and color combinations.


Since Launch:

  • Over 5000+ Page Views.
  • 2000+ followers on twitter.
  • 80+ Facebook Page Likes!
  • 756 Absolute Unique visitors.
  • 22 subscribers.
  • 844,400 Alexa rank.
  • 78,362 Traffic rank in INDIA.
  • 47.32% New Visits daily.
  • 61.28% bounce rate.
  • 2.75 Pages/Visit
  • 5 min AVG time on site.

Traffic Sources:

  • 35.82% Direct Traffic
  • 25.08% Referring sites
  • 22.30% Search Engines


Search Engine performance is increasing, since the website is being indexed by Google regularly.  But by far the majority of the traffic source is Direct root path, which is a good sign.


Techleechers generates revenue which will be used for site hosting and maintenance. Since its a relatively new to the web, there not much revenue generated since the launch, I have used the following advertisers in this website.

  1. Google Adsense    : Around $14 till today.
  2. Infolinks                : Around $0.1 till today.

Different revenue generating methods are currently kept at hold, which includes direct ads slot sale, Thesis customizations, paid reviews, blogspot to wordpress migration, selfhosted wordpress blog, etc I am thinking of including them in the coming months, meanwhile just focusing on post content.

Do leave you comment on improving this site performance and suggest me what changes you like to see here!

Top 10 Facebook games for Sep 2010


Facebook, The most preferable social networking platform for many users around the world, but its not just limited the friends circle and other activities but for social gaming also. People love to challenge and play games online with friends.

Coming to the Top games on Facebook, you can refer the following list according the monthly active users.

  1. Farmville

  2. Texab HoldEm Poker

  3. Frontier Ville

  4. Mafia Wars

  5. Cafe world

  6. Treasure Isle

  7. Petville

  8. Mind Jolt games

  9. Pet society

  10. Bejewelled Blitz

Zynga’s FarmVille still remains at the top of the table, which sees its first growth in the past few months, gaining 2.2 millions monthly active users.

  • Apart from FarmVille, the only other one to see positive numbers is FrontierVille, which moves up to #3 with a gain of over 6 million MAU.
  • MindJolt continues to hold at its #8 position, but loses 2,250,282 MAU this month.
  • Playfish sees minor losses for its long running Pet Society, appearing at #9 with just over 13.5 million MAU.
  • Bejeweled crosses over  12.5 million MAU.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Halo: Reach – fetched $200 million in First 24 hours


Microsoft announced that Halo : Reach made $200 millions in its first 24 hours on the United States and European market. the company also claims that the game benefited from the biggest launch in 2010 in the United States.

Halo Reach is definitely the biggest game Microsoft has ever released, which was expected to break all the previous records.

Microsoft launched the Halo: Reach exclusive for Xbox, and if you want to play it online then you will need a Xbox Live subscription. the Multi-Player mode on Halo: Reach will allow co-op missions for 4 friends or ability for 8 players to battle against one another.

Specially for Halo: Reach Microsoft will offer access to the gaming service for 12 months plus 2 bonus months on its subscription.



Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Check out the Twitter’s new Web Interface!


    Twitter, the world famous micro blogging site has unveiled its new web Interface, which is supposed to be their biggest twitter client, The new web UI is intended to proved better,stronger and faster user experience.

The new design includes double – paned view of things, that means you can just click on the tweet to see its details on the right hand side pane, and as usual the left side of the pane contains the regular timeline.

The information pane also contains the user profile and also the conversions related to the tweet, if any. This change was due as many user were shifting to different apps related to their interests and features.

Media will be streamed direct from 16 partners such as

  • TwitPic
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Ustream
  • So on……..

The latest tweaks made the interface more responsive than ever on a web UI. but for some people it doesn’t contain support for multiple accounts.

Twitters Facts

  • 90 percent of the information on Twitter is public.
  • Twitter sees 90 million Tweets a day (or above) on average.
  • About 25 percent of Tweets contain links.
  • 370,000 new signups per day, 16 percent of them initiated from a mobile.
  • Mobile users are up 250 percent since the beginning of the year.

Twitter said the new site would be rolling out to a limited number of users on Tuesday night, but will be rolling out gradually globally as these cloud services does.

Related video:

Video preview of the new site:


Do comment on what you think about new web interface.

Monday, September 13, 2010

7 reasons you shouldn’t go to iPad


The Apple iPad, one of the best selling tablet device has got amazing features beside several flaws. In this post we will discuss about few of them, and decide whether its worth spending $500.

1. No Camera support

iPad doesn’t feature a camera, which is of course expected as an upgrade later on, same as the new iPod touch. its very disappointing fact that such a branded device doesn't give support for photography. you can view photos taken from different devices or a computer, same as the iPhone. While the other tablets are in a race for capturing attention through their tablets such as the new Samsung galaxy tab.

2. No Adobe Flash Support

As you know, there are millions of websites around the world built on Flash, but when you want to have any of these website you would get a flash upgrade needed message. obviously disappointing fact, but iPad fully provide support of HTML5 which has a support for video with a <video> tag. also there are many users which plays online flash based games, but they cant do this on their iPad.

3. No USB port or HDMI out

By default, iPad does not provide support for built-in USB and you have to buy a separate USB adapter for plugging in external USB keyboard or any other device. its surprising that while other apple devices has this option, iPad which is considered as a revolutionary tablet doesn’t have this feature.

4.No Full support for GPS

The Wi-Fi version of iPad doesn’t give you the support for GPS, while the 3G versions have assistance for GPS, which makes use of the cellular connection to locate your destination. but still you could consider this as an incomplete support for GPS.

5. No User Replaceable Battery

As Apple promises to give you complete 10 hours of battery backup, along with full month of stand-by time, the battery structure in a iPad is so designed that it is sealed and one cannot easily swap the batter from the case. So, for the user its a tedious process in the iPad.

6. AT&T only for 3G

Apple announced that iPad will be released into the market unlocked for all carriers, reports suggest that Apple signed an exclusive deal with AT&T for the 3G service. also the iPad’s 3G modem supports UMTS/HSDPA 850/1900/2100MHz and GSM/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 MHz bands which implies that T-Mobile’s 3G band has already been ruled out from the list as it runs on 1700MHz.

7. Unprotected Display

The iPad screens tos at 1024x768 falling under the aspect ration of 4:3 which is definitely very far behind the most preferred high definition aspect ration of 16:9. the screen features a wide 9.7” screen without a screen guard or any kind of cover to protect it, you may consider this reason as waste if you like you iPad to be open as a Phone.

   With these reason you can judge whether or not its worth a good deal for $499 price tag.

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Apple updated iMovie to 1.1


Apple updated its iMovie app, which is used for movie editing right on the iPhone itself to a newer version 1.1, adding support for the fourth  generation iPod Touch and several other new features. the features includes

New Features

  • Ability to split video clips and automatically loop music when video extends beyond the end of the music track.
  • Now you can preview the clips in video browser
  • Viewing an in-app tips page to learn how to use key features.
  • updated photos browsers, newest image appears first
  • Mute badge to indicate video clips that have audio disabled
  • Performance and reliability tweaks

iMovie 1.1 requires device to running iOS 4.1 or later. The App is available for download for ~$5 and free update for previously purchased app.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta: HTML5 audio and video features



HTML5 sets the standards for embedding the audio and video using the <audio> and the <video> tags. The latest beta edition of Firefox includes this feature which automatically visualizes the audio raw data into a speech or a song through Firefox.

An audio data API is used to achieve this, which you can view below in the related video. the Mozilla team expects a great deal of innovation with these set of features which changes the way, the user browses the web.

It is also expected to increase the graphical experience for the user in the beta version, with the help of directx and built in graphic hardware in a windows computers. so, that’s a good sign for Firefox users on windows platform.

Related Video:


you can download the Firefox 4 Beta from the link below



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